Thank you SO much for this recipe. Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes. A fat bomb is referred to by keto dieters as a high-energy snack, treat, or dessert. Thank you for taking the leap to share these with others! Super easy to make, and tadte wonderful. This is important since we are making fat bombs after all. Anyway to sub stevia I don’t like the taste… .. Was, Love your channel and blog! This recipe made 12 servings/12 balls. Mascarpone cheese might be your best substitute. . Die machen nämlich garantiert kein Bauchweh und sind mit 0,8g verwertbaren Kohlenhydraten pro Portion gleichzeitig auch noch zuckerfrei, ketogen und low carb! I loved the smooth (not cheesecake) flavor. Normally, you’re not supposed to eat raw cookie dough (because of the eggs and salmonella! Megha should give the warnings from now on because now I have to figure out some way to work off all that deliciousness. Love your cookbook, and your fat bomb recipes. The recipe makes 12 servings. Yep you can use stevia! Total Time: 5 minutes. This Keto Edible Sugar Cookie Dough Fat Bombs recipe uses a mixture of healthy fats, almond flour, low carb-friendly sweetners (erythritol and stevia; the little hint of molasses is there for … Please show me my math error. I am 5’3″ 145lbs down 10 Lbs since I started a month ago YEAH Just preordered your cookbook! Did you have alot of extra dough using a 1 inch scoop? Erythritol provides the bulking aspect necessary similar to sugar, but we don’t love using erythritol in bulk so we like to split it up with stevia since we are comfortable eating stevia everyday! Give it a try. Either way, our grocery lists will let Congrats on starting your Keto journey! It sounds delicious and it definitely is as well So we are using the same recipe that I have for our where they called inside out peanut butter cups but I'm just making them like a little ball and kind of like a fat bomb they're Super delicious. These Keto Cookie Dough Fat Bombs are a healthier way to get that cookie dough fix. 17g fat, 403 calories • Then I added some brown sugar replacement to get a more “cookie dough” flavor. Hey what's happening nick Martinez, the keto dad here and boss babe and tonight we're making some fun stuff. Thanks! Sometimes the after taste is awful. Most of them are great options and going with whichever keto chocolate chips you have access to should be fine. This seemed like a nice recipe. There are 1 million out there LOL right now I use Trader Joe’s but it’s really expensive! Scroll the hell up people!! They were amazing! Thanks! Thank you for sharing, Do i need to use liquid stevia? It is cookie dough, cheesecake fat bombs that's right. This recipe is AMAZING! Fat Bombs!) Really hit the spot. ;D. Awesome! Sadly, I tried to make another Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recipe, and it was a dismal disappointment. They can be enjoyed for up to a week. Was just about to head to store for lunch items and now I’ll add cream cheese (I’m low anyway) to make this… Can’t wait to try! There are also savory fat bomb recipes that include bacon, eggs, and avocado. Thanks! Love your YouTube channel! So satisfied and hit the stop..not to sweet just right. This recipe is so easy to make, and tastes great. Thank you! I have found it to be wonderful in all my keto dessert recipes. Already knocked out the olive oil cake (my fiancé’s new fav) and made the easter coconut flour bread (my fav). That is awesome to hear the Monk Fruit worked well in the recipe! Why do people keep asking the same question when it’s been answered 1,000,000 times!! Have you guys eaten them all in one sitting? This keto cookie dough recipe is our new go to dessert because it brings us back to our childhood. Do you think I can do this with coconut flour? Absolutely love! These are dangerous, as you said. This recipe was AWESOME. tell us all the ingredients you want us to avoid in your plan. Is it 2.3 carbs per bomb? Actually, I had my first taste test this morning and it destroyed my hunger pains. I have no idea how you made this into something edible but i applaud you. Mat was CORRECT these are Addicting. But this was fantastic. They include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and I just made this recipe for the first time. They are so yummy! I have a BIG sweet tooth, and just started Keto about 10 days ago. Not the biggest tip, but don’t underestimate this crafty little tool. Reading through these comments is SO F*Cking frustrating!! Directions. So your Now, my addiction to Oreo's is known amongst my YouTube family. I was excited to try this because I’m new to the keto diet and was craving something sweet but this recipe was too thick and rich… it just didn’t hit the spot for me. This is the best desert ever, and extremely easy. I substituted raspberry stevia…mmmmm… raspberry chocolate fat bomb! I increased the Vanilla to 1 tsp. Can I leave them out of recipes? If so how well did it go? So exciting! Don’t try turning this dough into actual keto chocolate chip cookies! Aren’t you concerned about chemical pesticide, herbicide residues in conventional ingredients? Want to try Keto but don't know how to start? I would like to make this tomorrow and I am going to the store tonight and I really don’t like the other non-sugar sweetners. This is made specifically to be eaten as raw cookie dough, as a fat bomb. Thank you. This is really frustrating for people who seriously track their macros. Was watching AD Keto. Love cookie dough recipes! You could try with coconut flour, but it will take some experimenting and it might not turn out. Hi Ashleigh – we have a sweetener conversion chart here that my help: Low Carb Sweeteners Conversion Chart. This is so freaking delicious! It may change the consistency. Keto Cookie Dough Fat Bombs | Chocolate Chip! I agree to email updates from KetoConnect. You two would be awesome mentors. Beat in the vanilla, chocolate chips, and almond flour just until combined. I’ve made three different versions. We are so happy you enjoy this recipe. That is extra important for no bake recipes because the cooking process is what eliminates most issues with clumpy dough. Thank you for sharing this recipe . meals will ONLY use foods you like, and won’t have any foods you don’t Fat bombs have never been more delicious than this cookie dough fat bomb recipe!. Heads up! Ate it straight out of the bowl! Sorry for the confusion, we’re happy to fix it but I can’t find where it says that. In the past few years more and more keto friendly chocolate chip options have become available. However, the results (followed the instructions to a tee) were horrific! If you bake this you will be very disappointed…. (I also doubled the vanilla with my Singing Dog organic vanilla.) balance of calories and nutrients to feel full and fight cravings, while Adding your measurements and converting correctly to grams, I have a yield of 470 grams per recipe. They taste great!!! Makes 20 Cookies, serving size is 2 cookies Calories 142, Fat 14, Carbs 3g, Fiber 2g, (Net Carbs 1) … You can Wow yeah this is great for my sweet tooth! We also customize the meals in our Keto plans for your tastebuds. You should be able to freeze them, but not sure how well the almond flour and cream cheese will dissolve into root beer! I have a tree but allergy and wanted to know how much coconut flour and additional liquid I would need to substitute, if even possible? Keto Shopping List Updated for 2021! This recipe is good, but it’s not an exact match for cookie dough. I did not add the chocolate chips. In it were some amazing keto recipes that still influence my cooking to this very day. We’re gonna freeze the leftovers in our fat bomb trays. Check out the recipe below. , Can coconut oil be added it if we use a little less butter we want the MCT BOOST we are not finding a cookie dough bomb for MCT OILS we are worried about sacrificing the texture (mouth feel) of coockie dough with adding Coconut oil, You can substitute coconut oil for butter. Gen x’rs Keto. These look scrumptious, but all sugar alcohols give me very uncomfortable GI issues. Your recipe calls for 8 tbsp of butter when (according to the video) it calls for 8 oz, like the cream cheese. Denise. You can personalize keto fat bombs and add your favorite ingredients. Using a small scoop, portion the fat bombs into approximately 1 tablespoon mounds and place on waxed paper. It's important to eat the right amount of carbs, Vanilla 1/2 tsp. Thanks for a great recipe. Thank you guys!!! I can’t seem to find it on the information below the video can you please tell me what is the best Stevia to use. It would be hard to duplicate without those flours, but you could try oat fiber or flax meal maybe. These look yummy! Hi there. Susan – did you make them with NO nut flours at all or without almond flour but WITH coconut? Thank you for the recipe, you guys are true keto wizards! Donna in Montana. Looks delicious! Easy. Why don’t you guys use organic ingredients? Actually, ALL your recipes are wonderful, and are helping me to stay on track with Keto. . 2.8g net carbs • Nailed it guys! Amazing!! These are so freakin yummy!!! ey? Thanks! Can you substitute monkfruit for erythritol. Paleo & Keto Cookie Dough Easy Peasy & Just 5-Ingredients! I made these today and while they are good, to me they don’t taste anything like cookie dough. We Hi! So glad you love them! And yes, you can freeze these. Keep creating your keto goodness, love you guys! I left out the stevia and added 1/3 cup of swerve and they taste great. Thank you for the recipe, so tasty! I don’t want to give these up! Our kids love them and you will too! does anybody really count out 25 drops of liquid stevia? If making cookies keto is your jam, try one of our other delicious cookie recipes: Keto Peanut Butter Cookies– A super easy keto peanut butter cookie made with just 3 ingredients! Help!! Love your recipes. Thank you! Where can I get that cookie scoop, I’m so picky I need to get one so I can have the right portion. Storing cookie dough fat bombs. Has anyone ever tried to freeze these cookie dough balls to extend the shelf life. I was wondering about your handy dandy scooper… what is the size and does the brand matter? Is that a 1:1 replacement and would I still add the stevia? That math works out to 1/4 cup = 12.17 tsp = 48.68 g carbs for full recipe, or 4.06 g net carbs per serving (1/12). I used cocao nibs instead of chocolate chips. Enjoy! WOW! I love this website so much the recipes are great however I wish we could get more of the products in the UK. Once I realized this, I left out the chocolate chips and instead added some fresh lime juice so they’d taste like key lime cheesecake. We don’t include those carbs in our nutrition info since it has little to no effect on blood sugar. We used this Cookie Scoop (.84 Tablespoons) to scoop out the fat bombs. So easy to make and tastes just like cookie dough. Also, it sounds like you might not have subtracted the erythritol out. Could I use coconut flour rather than almond and get the same result? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Yes, the nutritional info is per fat bomb. We are using the exact same ingredients in your recipe. We LOVE hearing from you! I first came across a variation of this recipe in a cookbook that my cousin lent me. I see it makes 12, but curious how big your scoops are. This recipe doesn’t call for a ton of sweetener because the rest of the ingredients bring some subtle sweetness of their own. 15-25g Carbs No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites are the perfect Keto "Fat Bomb" to keep in the fridge! Can you use stevia instead of erythritol? They are delicious but as you said in the video about cheesecake……………for me they were more like cheesecake balls than cookie dough. Paleo & Keto Cookie Dough (i.e. You can use monk fruit extract for the sweetener instead if you wanted. Refrigerate for an hour and then scoop into cookie dough balls. I am highly allergic to cream cheese, cheese, and cottage cheese. for recipes, tracking the nutrition for each meal, and complicated With this 5 ingredient keto recipe – making keto fat bombs has never been easier.. A low carb cinnamon sugar fat bomb recipe that is sure to please any crowd.. Because you can’t go wrong with cinnamon and sugar. Just print out the shopping list and take it to the market, or even shop Love your videos and information you’re sharing! I’d love to see your creations on Instagram! Please help?? Hi there. But, once we do we’ll surely have recipes! And, then to get more out of it, I doubled the Almond flour. Have you tried liquid Monk Fruit for sweetener? Am i missing something? . Bacon with maple extract, and mint chocolate chip. These chocolate chip cookie dough fat bombs may just be your new favorite treat! This is my first recipe of yours that I have tried. When making these fat bombs, it is important to keep in mind that whatever protein powder you use will dictate the flavor. you get in and out of the store in no time. A chocolate chip cookie dough fat bomb that will literally melt in your mouth. Thank you! Thank you for the recipe, it is amazing and definitely will be a staple at my house. As far as keto snacks, it’s really dependent on the individual. This more than satisfies that craving! But that means hours spent searching *Happy Dance*, Just made these. No, you cannot bake them into cookies. Tag us on Instagram at. These have to be in my top 3 favorite bombs ever! Measuring by sticks of butter is not unusual, it’s common in many cookbooks. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Dividing by 12 portions leads to about 39 grams each fat bomb. Print. Bringing ingredients to room temperature allows for them to mix completely without any clumping. I love the videos and podcast! And that’s just the erythritol- the whole thing by my count has 6.6 g net carbs per serving (12 servings). stress about if you’re "doing it right." Is the stevia necessary? WOW! Thank you so much! Nice change from fruit fat bombs I’ve been having. I can grab one right out of the freezer, and satisfy that craving! Directions. … They can also be kept in the freezer for up to a month. Yep! Thanks for the recipe, I’ve made it twice now, and will be making again in the future. Members-only forums for sharing knowledge and accountability. Arbeitszeit . Directions In a mixing bowl, beat together softened butter and swerve confectioners. Can we replace the liquid stevia with something else? My favorite, so good! I am regretting it, but they are so tasty! This Keto Edible Sugar Cookie Dough Fat Bombs recipe uses a mixture of healthy fats, almond flour, low carb-friendly sweetners (erythritol and stevia; the little hint of molasses is there for depth of flavor, not sweetness), and flavorings. oceantulip…I have substituted half of the erythritol/Monk fruit blend with the brown sugar version of Swerve…its a total game changer!! I don’t have any and wanted to make these with what I have on hand. Hi! I typically use stevia in ALL my recipes. Delish!! My ice cream scooper is much bigger than a 1 inch cookie scooper how is it that i got so close to 12 balls with your recipe and such a big scoop? This recipe, "Cookie Dough Fat Bombs," was taken from our private library of We always subtract fiber and erythritol to get net carbs. (Cant remember the name) Just made them and the flavor is dangerously amazing. Here are some keto-friendly chips you can buy on amazon: ChocZero Chocolate Chips; Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips; Peoples Keto; Storing Fat Bombs. Your recipes will not be sweet if you don’t add sweeteners! I used the golden monkfruit granules for sweetener because it’s all I had today. I used a regular ice cream scoop and basically got 12 the last one was a bit small but I filled the scoop pretty full… it think I overtaxed the “dough” and made it super air fluffed which is why I got 12 with a ice cream scoop hahaha! They are so worth the fight I had with the hand mixer even. And chopped up 4 oz of bakers chocolate. My stomach can not tolerate stevia. It has the same net carbs as Stevia and you may tolerate it better. The texture is good, but the cream cheese is prominent. Serving size is one fat bomb! line-by-line through each recipe and write down the ingredients before you Just keep that in mind. I don’t crave sweets anymore not that I’m in keto … Has anyone tried freezing this? My doctor was picking his jaw up off the floor when he saw my A1C (4.6……had bee 8.4) Question.. I’m allergic to cream cheese (so bad!) can go shopping. The cream cheese was too prevalent, almost like a cheesecake filling; the dough was too smooth, probably because granulated sugar provides texture to a conventional cookie dough and there was a lot of butter in the dough compared to the amount of flour; and the mix could have used some brown sugar (Sukrin Gold) because the taste would have been closer to conventional CC cookies. Is it one ball? These type recipes make me feel like I can have a little something with no guilt. Or can I just use erythritol? I don’t know what I did wrong, mine did not turn out great. May 11. Hi, I love the recipe thanks a lot. Have you tried the cookie dough fat bomb? I tried your blueberry cheese cake smoothies today and it wonderful thank for your recipes and the help I get with keto diet from you your partner olga, Omg !! what is the serving size for the nutritional info? Add almond flour, vanilla extract, and salt. Schwierigkeitsgrad. Absolutely LOVE this recipe, I just made it & it’s the fridge. Is there an alternative I can use instead of liquid stevia. Grrrrrr!! I found the almond flour stood out a little too much and I also think that the coconut flavor would be nice. Enjoy! What size scoop are you using to portion the 12 servings? Tonight I decided to try adding 3tbs of cocoa powder to make double chocolate chip cookie dough and it turned out AMAZING. Recipe can be quickly added to MyFitnessPal – Search “KetoConnect – Keto Cookie Dough”. We have sticks of butter in every grocery store I’ve been to right here in Ontario, Canada. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. HI, no I’m NOT changing your recipe lol I love them just as is, too much so haha. But by my calculations, that leads to a higher macro count of 6net grams carbs per fat bomb. Once that is mixed in, slowly add small amounts of coconut flour until the dough is able to be formed into balls. The directions to make Cookie Dough Fat Bombs are in the section below, but In this recipe we are using a combination of butter and cream cheese. I seriously can’t imagine any human not liking these. Yes, but it may require some testing since coconut flour and almond flour are not substituable 1 to 1. Thanks for creating these! One scoop? That was a big win, too. If serving, what are the serving sizes b/c I’ve not noticed any. Thanks! Every meal plan also includes a time-saving weekly grocery list that It will be delicious. I used dark chocolate sweetened with erythritol from a local brand in Germany for these calculations. Thanks I know this recipe can’t be used for actual cookies, but can it be used in a keto ice cream base to make cookie dough ice cream? If I don’t have the chocolate chips, can I sub 85% dark chocolate? Thank you! And super easy to make! So roll these up, refrigerate for 30 minutes, then eat! OMG so damn good! is why am I not in Ketosis? Wow these are fantastic! What size cookie scoop are you using? Your email address will not be published. This recipe says it makes 12 servings using a 1 inch scoop (A 1 inch scoop = 1 teaspoon). Mix everything together and simply store in your freezer in bite-size pieces. We don’t count those carbs because they don’t effect blood sugar at all. Easy to make, basic ingredients, and all the flavor of delicious cookie dough. I used a 1½ Tablespoon scoop (medium #40 cookie scoop) and got 18 servings. 1/4 C Chocolate Chips (we used Lily's) Blend the Cream Cheese, Butter, and Vanilla together. Do not try and bake these. The butter is more stable at room temperature which results in a better consistency in this keto cookie dough recipe. It'll even show you how much you can lose and how fast. They are soon going to be your favorite dessert. These are DELICIOUS and super easy to make. We used a 1 inch cookie scooper! Keto Fat Bombs. Keto cookie dough fat bombs are covered in chocolate, so can keep at room temperature. No weird grittiness or artificial sweetener aftertaste. Do you have a sugar conversion chart? Thanks! Thank you for sharing your creativity and passion. I love this site . This easy recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fat Bombs is made with almond flour, chocolate chips, butter and Vanilla Keto Fat Bomb Supplement made by Naked Nutrition. Can you use granular or confectioners version of the Erythritol? It also gives you the option of eating them cold (which is what I like to do), or setting them on the counter and allowing them to defrost before you eat them. These are great! Keto fat bomb recipes usually consist of a variety of seeds, nuts, fruit, cocoa powder, natural or artificial sweetener, and a solidifying fat like nut butter or coconut oil. Fat bombs are a keto lovers’ dream. Yield: 32 balls. Keto Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Fat Bombs are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Thanks KC. Fantastic! I was thinking a couple frozen scoops of this in a Keto root beer float would be amazing. Take the Keto Quiz to begin customizing your plan. This Keto cookie dough fat bomb is one of my favorites and I’m sure you will enjoy it also. Love all the ingredients you make, nice, simply easy to make, thanks to you both. what do you think? Thank you. Great recipe! of over 1,200 recipes. Making again this week! it tricks your brain into thinking its more cookie dough than it actually is win win. That mixture sounds amazing! I miss cookie dough more than any other food. I am a huge real sugar worm, so for me to say they are really good is means something!! I just made this and I gotta tell you it was one of the best things I have eaten! If raw cookie dough is your thing, these are sure to become your new favorite! I loved this recipe and have been playing with it. I am just wanting to try this recipe but I do verify things first. Once that is mixed in, slowly add small amounts of coconut flour until the dough is able to be formed into balls. It bakes, mixes, tastes like real sugar. Dry cookie dough can be tough to work with, and for homemade cookie dough that’s supposed to be eaten with a spoon, it’s really not the most appealing texture. This will increase your shelf life big time. Can I leave them out & add more swerve? Thank you Keto Connect! You should need 2-3 tablespoons of coconut flour in place of the almond flour. Would it change the flavor much? Refrigerate for easier scooping! How much did you use? Thanks for stopping by to check out this how to make edible keto cookie dough video. Made this tonight!! There are more than a few options of keto friendly chocolate chips these days but the one we always use is Lily’s chocolate chips. I was curious if the liquid stevia is necessary. Made these last night. These peanut butter chocolate chip fat bombs are one of the best keto diet recipes you'll ever make! They’re too good to be true holy cow! Hi is it 8oz of butter or 8 table spoons?? Have you seen the new shops that are popping up to sell edible cookie dough? I used monk fruit for the sweetener. Keto Cookie Dough Fat Bombs. What would nutritional info be without chocolate chips, This will be the second time making them.
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